Cheerful and optimistic, our big-hearted young hero is a can-do caveman with lots of enthusiasm and a belief that anything’s possible. Dug is brimming with ambition for his tribe and is always accompanied by his faithful hog Hognob.


Hognob is Dug’s pet hog and most devoted friend. Like a dog Hognob is very communicative, and though he doesn’t talk, he manages to make his feelings known with a growl or a well-timed roll of his eyes. Hognob is a funny and very happy hog.


Goona is a strong and outspoken young woman. She is a fantastic football player and is persuaded by Dug to join the tribe as their football coach.

Lord Nooth

Lord Nooth is the pompous Governor of the local Bronze city. He is a money loving tyrant who enjoys his luxurious Bronze Age lifestyle.


Bobnar the chief is more like a dad to the Stone Age tribe. He makes sure they change their underwear and brush their teeth. But most importantly he looks after them and keeps them from harm.


Not the sharpest of flints. His best friend is a rock, who often gets the better of him in arguments.

Treebor & Magma

Treebor is a gentle giant, scared of his own shadow, and everybody else’s for that matter. Magma is Treebor’s no nonsense, overbearing mother – best not to mess with her.


A fidgety, ginger ball of unfocused energy.


Always hungry, he’ll eat anything that moves!


An injury-prone young woman who believes the Stone Age lifestyle doesn’t suit her health.


A funny character, Eemak’s friends have trouble understanding him


A strong, silent type, his answer to everything is a non-specific grunt.